A bit more about AB RetroFit

The company was established in 2023.

The company was founded to offer insulation services for homes across Aberdeen City and Shire.  We need not dwell on the energy costs or need to decarbonise.  The “how” is the challenge for many of us in NE Scotland.

AB RetroFit specialise in treating granite and sandstone properties.  Notorious for the their drafts and costs to keep warm.  We have studied in detail the construction and building physics of these homes.  The solutions are simpler than we imagined.  AB RetroFit have cost effective solutions.

We are working our way through the tortuous certification process as an approved EEM (energy efficiency measures) accredited installer.

The Team

Vitalii Rybalko, BSc MSC  Operations Manager

Vitalii has a post graduate degree in Building materials and built his own house in Ukraine where some of their building standards exceed some of ours.

Dave McGrath BSc MBA

Graduate of RGIT and university of Edinburgh has 40 years engineering experience, 23 years in the clean tech industry.


Anna-Mariia Brynchak; Office Manager


We have a number of fully trained installation technicians to execute your work.


Convert Cold Houses to Cosy Homes


Contribute to making the Scottish legacy housing stock the most energy efficient possible


Frequently asked questions:

Can we fill the void with insulation?  You can, some companies are offering this.  We think it is extremely unwise the physics changes dramatically as soon as you bridge from the lath to the stonework.

Do you recommend foam insulation on the roof rafters?  Personally we would never do this.  It convert the loft space into a warm space and part of the heated envelope.  However it presents some challenges particularly in the treatment of gas state water in the loft space and much more.