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Services provided:

We offer a wide rage of home survey services.  These include


  • EPC Energy Performance Certificate
  • PS2035 Assessment
  • Underfloor survey
  • Loft survey
  • Boroscope surveys, what’s going on behind the wall
  • Home thermography (internal)

Single glazed historic windows have a U value of around 5.7W/m2K.  If the timbers are sound we can replace the glass panels with Fineo vacuum double glazing.  At only 8mm thick they outperform triple glazing and massively reduce external noise. Resulting U value of Glass is 0.7W/m2K.

We can insulate your home from top to bottom making it substantially cosier and wind tight.  We begin in the loft, insulate your attic rooms, then internal wall for lower levels and under the floor.

However granite and sandstone homes are substantially less airtight than modern homes.  Heat loss from drafts is much higher than expected.

Whether  a simple repair of kitchen bathroom fit out our experienced team will install and commission your design or that of your supplier.

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